You don’t have to be born in Vienna to grow up among Mozart’s music or Berlin’s Kreuzberg to be surrounded by industrial sound to become a lover of this music.

From his teenage years, Rafael was a techno traveler. He visited most of the famous clubs in Europe as well as festivals. Industrial music has been a hobby since 2009 and in 2014 he started playing with mixing and mastering. The real breakthrough came in 2019 when he took part in many underground events around the world, mainly in Europe and South America. In addition to education, business and sports, he is devoted to music and it’s hard to meet him without headphones on his head. Each weekend he devotes his love to music, it gives him great satisfaction. The arranged sets are the essence of dynamics, uncompromisingness and the right choice of music. He is inspired by cold industrial techno from Central Europe and Latin American techno rhythm thanks to which the sets are a combination of exotic rhythms and technical perfection. Its synonym is freshness, audacity and dynamic rhythms, as the perfect way to remove the sole from the shoe. In the near future there is a plan to set up his own label and produce music that will make a difference on the electronic scene.